Frequently asked questions

What kind of camera do you use?

I am a Canon DSLR user. I use multiple lenses, and equipment to help me capture photos in the envirement I am in.

What is your refund policy?

We currently do not do refunds at this time. We do set up a future photoshoot to be in place of your previously purchased package.

Do you take photos more for yourself—or for others?

I am usually commisioned to take pictures of others. But I enjoy helping with projects when I have time. Im always taking pictures for myself when I can. Being able to caputre my experience while going to a festival to have fun or to capturing wildlife to document species, i love sharing my images so others can know what they will experience or to help raise awareness.

When you are out shooting—how much of it is instinctual versus planned?

Nothing is planned.... Just kidding. ;) It all depends on the situation and timeframe im given for me to properly plan. I like to check out the area were shooting at, see where lighting will be important, meet my clients, make sure i know the program so i can paln to be in a good spot and out of everyones way. I have done emergency events where people have backed out of there responsibilty, then im brought in where i have had little as 15 minutes to plan anything. But I know my camera and i know my lighting and they have yet to fail me in capturing the moments. Even in these times I scope everything out that I can so I can get a good spot out of everyones way.

When can we expect to recieve our photos?

Depending upon the event. You can recieve edited images within the minimum of 1 week or the maximum of 1 month.

Do you always shoot alone?

Usually I shoot alone but i do hire an assitant to help me with bigger jobs. If a client needs two photographers we can rearrange price packaging to accomadate the clients needs.


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Leslie Barnes